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Module 9

GOLF Bunkers

Bunkers are those nasty holes in the ground full of sand and designed to attract your attention. In this module you will learn how to play high short greenside bunker shots, mid and long greenside bunker shots and Fairway bunker. There are important fundamentals you need to know to escape from the Bunker and get close to the hole. - Online Golf Learning Tutorials

Module 9 Content

  • 1 Basic Bunkers Grip and Stance
  • 2 Basic Bunkers Grip and Stance Back View
  • 3 Basic Bunkers The Movement Front View
  • 4 Basic Bunkers The Movement Back View
  • 5 Basic Bunkers Hit the Line Drill
  • 6 Advanced Bunkers Grip and Stance
  • 7 Advanced Bunkers Movement Front View
  • 8 Advanced Bunkers Movement Back View
  • 9 Advanced Bunkers High Cut Bunker Shot Front View
  • 10 Advanced Bunkers High Cut Bunker Shot Back View
  • 11 Advanced Bunkers Long Bunker Shot Front View
  • 12 Advanced Bunkers Long Bunker Shot Back View
  • 13 Advanced Bunkers Fairway Bunker Front View
  • 14 Advanced Bunkers Fairway Bunker Back View
  • 15 Advanced Bunkers Fairway Bunker Woods

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Golf Bunkers
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