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Problems and solutions

Video doesn't play?

Check and make sure you have internet connection. Check that your computer or mobile device can play videos by checking a video on . If not you may have to download a media player for your computer or device.

For Firefox Mozilla Browser Users
  1. Inside Firefox, go to the configuration page (Click the 'three bars' icon on the top right, and click Configuration). 
  2. Select OPTIONS then the SECURITY tab
  3. On the right side of the window select the first Exceptions
  4. Type in into the allowed list and select Allow
  5. This should fix the problem of video loading
For Google Chrome Browser Users
  1. Inside Chrome, go to the configuration page (Click the 'three bars' icon on the top right, and click Configuration).
  2. From the dropdown box you have select SETTINGS to go to the bottom of the page and select 'Show advanced options'  
  3. Scroll all the way down to SYSTEM and if the 'Use hardware acceleration when available' is checked then you need to Uncheck it 
  4. This should fix the problem of the video loading

Why does the Video stop loading at a certain time and won't restart?

The videos are working properly. A remedy to the problem is 

  1. Check that you haven't got many windows open and the computer is not overloaded with processes its trying to manage - close all other windows
  2. Sometimes if your computer has been on for days this can have an effect on the performance of trying to playback videos and needs to be restarted
  3. Try opening in different browsers Google Plus, Firefox or Internet Explorer as one may perform better than the other browser.  
Why is video playback so choppy?

Why is video playback so choppy?

If your video playback isn’t smooth as margarine, here are some things you can try:

  • Try letting the video buffer before you view it.
  • Close other browser tabs and windows. This can make a huge difference!
  • Make sure you have either the latest version of Flash running on your computer, or use a browser with native HTML5 support.
  • Switch to another browser to see if that helps. 
Video comes up with error message "Sorry because of privacy setting, this video cannot be played here"

Normally this error will show only if the video is not being played through the website directly or there are security settings through your computers security system which is not allowing the video to be played.  

Some companies have high security set up with their computers if it is being played at work. 

Check your security settings so your videos are allowed to be played from

How do I make my screen bigger its too small?

You can either hold the CTRL ( Control ) + buttons together to make the screen bigger or CTRL (Control) - buttons together on your computer to make the screen smaller. If you wish to play the video full screen click the bottom right of the video on the expand button.

Video stops and starts whilst playing?

Either internet is slow in downloading or your computer or device's media player is slightly malfunctioning. Let video fully load before playing.

Video is slow in loading?

Check internet speed in your location. This is likely the cause. Let video fully load up on your computer or device before playing the video.

What is hardware-accelerated decoding, and how do I disable it to ensure video plays properly?

What is hardware-accelerated decoding, and how do I disable it?

All videos need to be decoded in order to be viewed. In other words, the data within a video file is interpreted and rendered as sound and images for playback. On Vimeo, videos are decoded using either your browser’s native decoding technology or Adobe Flash. 
Hardware-accelerated decoding means that your computer’s hardware is used in addition to your browser or Flash to decode the video. Depending on your particular hardware configuration, this may affect the look or sound of video playback on Vimeo (and across the wide world of the Internet).
When troubleshooting playback issues, you may want to try enabling or disabling hardware-accelerated decoding. How you do so will depend on whether your browser uses Vimeo's Flash or HTML5 player. (FYI: Not all browsers or operating systems utilize hardware-accelerated decoding.)
HTML5: Visit your browser’s support page to learn how to disable hardware-accelerated decoding for that particular browser. 
Flash: Follow the instructions here.
Note: If you aren't sure whether you are using the HTML5 or Flash player, read this to find out. 

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