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Key to Golf Modules

What is the recommended order to learn the Key to Golf Program in?

Ideally the program should be learned one module at a time completing all videos of that module. It is recommended to learn from Module 1 and going in order one module at a time.

Can I do the modules in a different order?

Yes we understand that you may have a major problem in a certain area of the game and want that problem fixed first. Make sure you complete that particular module first before moving on.

What if my CGS Golf professional said to do the modules in a certain order?

You should follow exactly the order your golf professional prescribed for you.

How long is my membership for?

It is for 1 year at which time at the end of one year your following years will be 1/4 of the full membership price. e.g. 1 year membership for $187 at the time of repurchase is only $47.

Whats the best order to play the videos of each module in?

You can only play the videos one lesson at a time. We recommend to finish the video first before answering the test questions. Then simply go back in the video if your not sure of the answer to the question.

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