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Windaroo Lakes Golf Course Vlog | 11th – 13th Holes

04 Jan 2016
In this Vlog Peter Croker & Chris Beckett play the 11th – 13th holes at Windaroo Lakes Golf Course.

Peter Croker's Inside Golf Magazine Articles

03 Dec 2014
We are currently posting Peter Croker's Inside Golf Magazine articles on how to build the Golf Swing starting with the Grip. A new article is posted each day. To view the series go to

Peter Croker offers some clarification regarding the swing

03 Dec 2014
I received an email from a golfer Gert who asked for some clarification regarding his swing – but It applies to all golfers. The focus should be on getting a precise setup with good structure and alignments of wrist to clubface and grip, elbows to hips, and a straight spine (as best you can). Without this set up your hand and arm action will not be consistently connected to the hip pivot. Our Key to Golf technology will give you a best use of the centrifugal force (swinging emphasis) and muscle (for structure and thrust in the swing) When you look deeper you will discover that “PUSH” = driving the pivot both ways = activating the centrifugal forces = swinging Therefore we include both swinging and hitting in every golf shot that you play. We believe that you cannot strike the golf ball with efficient power without using the centrifugal force and therefore every golf shot involves “swinging the golf club” Pressure points in the hands cause the hips and shoulders to rotate, and the clubhead to swing back and fire down and out through the ball. Let us not race too far ahead. Let us get the set-up right and next to follow will be “the start of the swing” Make sure then that you thoroughly understand the earlier postings on the grip, the stance and the setup. Keep “Pushing” and both structure and path can be attained.

What problem do you have with your swing and we will offer a solution

20 May 2014

As you play you have this great game you will encounter many problems. Please write your problem and feel free to offer a solution to someone else's problem and we will give our solution.

Peter delivers seminar at Keiser University

20 May 2014
Peters recent tour to the USA saw his teachings reach many young future professional golfers. Check out this link.

Croker Golf System and Key to Golf Program in Thailand produces worldclass Juniors

20 May 2014
Thai Juniors are using the Croker Golf Systems Key to golf program are amongst the best in the world. Junior Golf in Thailand is in a good way thanks to our CGS Coaches.

Whats the most important fundamental to learn with the game of golf?

18 Jul 2013
In your opinion and experience what is the most important thing to learn with the game of Golf?

Share your ideas as you complete each step

17 Jul 2013
In 1992 I teamed up with my teaching team at Golf Park Golf Improvement Centre in Melbourne, Australia and set out to build a series of action definitions of the basics of golf from putt to full swing and then to organise these fundamentals in a step by step program that both students and teachers could build the golf swing from the ground up.
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