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Sam P - April 2015

I’ve just been through the whole course for the first time, and I’m amazed by how much better I’m hitting the ball and how much I’m enjoying the game. You really have figured out a lot about the swing and how to teach it that I haven’t seen anywhere else, including Kelley, Leadbetter, McLean, Jacobs, Harmon, GolfTec, Haney, Breed, Hall, et al. The biggest difference I see is that I’m releasing the club a lot more and a lot better. I had never seen, or noticed, the concept of hit line vs. target line before. That alone makes an enormous difference. Swinging and hitting does too. It just all makes sense and works. I used to wonder why swinging a golf club wasn’t more like pitching a baseball or throwing a football, where you don’t have to think about what your body is doing, just where to throw the ball and how hard. Now I know that it can be. Anyway, thanks Peter and Chris


Croker (Son of Peter)

Hey my name is Ben Croker I’m 23 years old and I’ve been on the Croker Golf System for roughly 9 years now.  As a junior I had some early successes with winning the The Dunes Junior Club Championships 2 years in a row, The Dunes B grade Club Championships and the Cups Classic a long with some good results in Junior Pennant. I am currently playing off a scratch handicap and playing in the number position in the Colt’s Team at Southern Golf Club. We just won our Division 2 Pennant Flag and I won 6 out of 8 matches for the season.


Along with getting regular lessons from Peter I’ve also been doing the “Key To Golf Program “ which helps with my learning and really enhances my lessons with Peter, finding that we are a lot more productive in our sessions together. My number one goal is to eventually make it on the PGA Tour and I feel as long I continue on this path that I will achieve that. I have really enjoyed my journey and progress with the Croker Golf System and Key To Golf Program and it’s defiantly allowed me to have a lot more fun with the game and has really increased my understanding of the Golf Swing. 

Sports Girl

Hi Everyone, I am relatively new to the sport of golf. I had initial exposure to golf 

about a year ago playing some social games, but with no scores to boast about. 

Whilst still interested in the game, I considered taking lessons to learn a thorough 

technique, and after some initial investigation I chose to learn Croker Golf Systems 

Key to Golf Program.

Over the past four months I have been taking lessons from Peter Croker. To date, I 

have learnt a lot about the swing and technical aspects of the hit. I can substantiate 

that over the past few months using the Key to Golf Program, I have already reduced 

my scores on 9 holes by an average 13 strokes and on 18 holes by an average 23 


I confirm, like all golfers, there are good and bad days on the course. For me, 

overall, I now enjoy the challenge of golf, as I am equipped with valuable knowledge 

and technique to address the ball, correct my stance, effectively grip the club, read 

the terrain, tap tap tap, forward press, take away, thumbs down, A to B, release 

on impact, and more importantly co-ordinate it all. In the short time of training, and 

after considerable practice, the penny dropped. All the knowledge drove the body 

movement to a fluent swing and a decent impact where I can lift and hit 80% of my 

drives 120m plus, sometimes 150. Pre instruction, I could only swing uncontrolled at 

the ball, and it would just travel along the ground for about 50 m. I may not be a long 

hitter, but I can now hit straight, where the ball lands on the fairway. Given, I still duff 

some shots, my technique has changed immensely in the short time I have taken 

instruction from Peter Croker.

My greatest gain has been in putting. Before learning the Croker technique I would 

putt all over the green. Whilst, I have reduced my strokes on the fairway, the major 

gain has been on the green. After practising the drills provided by Peter, I am 

averaging 2 putts per hole instead of 4 per green.

Presently, I am undertaking the putting drills, where I am now putting 100 balls into 

the cup at 40 cms. I am to continue this drill at regular intervals up to 3 metres. Golf 

is a game anyone can participate in, but to achieve consistency and low scores I 

believe constructive instruction, such as the Key to Golf program and regular drills 

and game play is critical.


Glen B - amateur golfer in Queensland - plus 2 handicap at Royal Queensland 

G. C.

Hi everyone. This is the first time I have commented on any website. I felt I had to 

do this because of the benefits I found in The Key to Golf Program. When I saw it for 

sale on line I thought what the heck, give it a go and see what happens. 

As I was going through the videos one by one I noticed some things that would seem 

to make the golf swing a lot easier on the body. One point in particular was the left 

knee bending over the left foot instead of rotating to the right on the backswing. This 

immediately peaked my interest for my son's sake because he has had a total knee 

reconstruction and this has eased the stress on his knee and he is now playing 

more and enjoying it again. Before it wasn’t much fun for him playing in pain and 

wondering if his knee was going to play up or not. He now plays quite comfortably off 

a handicap of 4. 

For my own sake the program has benefitted me in the same way in that my swing 

now comes easier and I can practice for longer periods without any problems. [I am 

56 years young]. I found the program to be hugely informative technically, especially 

what the hands actually do, pre, during and post contact with the ball. This program 

has helped me go further with my golf than I dreamed possible and I am now playing 

off a +2 handicap.

Cheers, happy and healthy golfing.


Allan M, Terrey Hills

I've made countless visits to the driving range, received tips and advice from 

fellow hackers, and sought help in golf lessons but never achieved a consistent 

swing because minor flaws were often overlooked by the more obvious habits I've 

developed. I simply found ways to compensate a bad grip and bad body movements. 

I've always wanted a smooth golf swing and was afraid of the cost because I need so 

many lessons to counter what I've

developed over the years but the Key to Golf Program is by far the best coaching 

method I've found. 

You get online lessons first so you can effectively watch them over and over again 

at a time and place convenient to you as you perfect the foundations, then you get 

a private lesson to ensure you're on the right track. If you're a typical hacker like me 

who can hit a good shot but not all the time, do yourself a favour and give this a 

go - it might cost more than a trip to the driving range but I promise you this one will 

provide greater improvements to every game of golf you'll play rather than simply 

the next one!


Dear Peter

I recently read an instructional article by you in the NZ version of Asian Golfer and it 

opened up a whole new game for me. After many years [ far too many ] of twisting 

hips, sliding hips, late hits etc I found that this attempt at hitting early or using the 

clubhead added over 40 yds to my drives and at least one club in my irons, plus it 

is so easy. Also no sore back.

Many thanks

Ben P

My name is Ben Perry.  I am 54 years of age and was a professional athlete in two 

sports.  Golf was just something I dabbled in and really enjoyed and managed to 

keep a single digit handicap for many years, around 4.  Before meeting Peter Croker, 

I had never had a 

formal golf lesson in my life.  I have been, however, fortunate to be friends with and 

have played with some very talented professional golfers, such as, Mac O'Grady and 

Gary McCord.  I've been members of several private country clubs throughout the 

US and presently a member of Carmel Valley Ranch and Tehama Golf Club (Clint 

Eastwood's private crown jewel) in Carmel California.  

There are no shortages of world famous courses here with Pebble Beach, Spyglass, 

Cypress Point, etc.   I received an email from a good friend in Hawaii stating 

simply, "Ben, you need to do this," and he was referring to attending a golf school 

with Peter Croker.  I had never heard of Mr. Croker, however, the way my friend 

phrased his email "Ben, you need to do this," I called my friend to discuss.  Well, 

my friend was extremely high on Mr. Croker and I sensed that something was very 

special about this.

Before I continue to bore you with mundane details, let me simply state that I 

attended Peter Croker's three day clinic and the results have been and continue to 

be extremely beneficial.  Not one thing that Mr. Croker said during the clinic made 

me say, "Hmmm, I don't know if that will work."  If I hit a not so perfect shot now, I 

know exactly where in the swing the error occurred.  That is valuable information. 

Mr. Croker is a master of the basics and if you can duplicate what he teaches and 

then apply it, you will be a much better golfer at any level.  I am now a 1 handicap

and just last week had four rounds under par in a row, 68, 69, 70, and 70.  This is 

really fun now because of how confident I feel over every shot and that alone makes 

a huge difference.

Thank you, Mr. Croker, for delivering this valuable product.  I greatly admire and 

respect you for it.

Best regards,

John S


I have really enjoyed the Key to Golf Program. My main problem has been swinging 

too upright and lifting the club. After meeting you and getting a "quick" chipping 

lesson in April and then getting the system I have rethought my full swing and have 

some better ideas on the swing. I have had a problem with the backswing as I tend 

to go over the top and point the club to the right of the target.

To swing the club under the arms as stated in the anatomy of the full swing has got 

me stumped. I am trying to take the club back straight and move the right hand back 

to get the club on a better downswing path. This seems to work well. I then have to 

keep releasing the club by rotating the left hand or I will obviously hit the ball with an 

open clubface with fading or slicing results.

I am enjoying my attempt to improve. It’s a lifetime endeavour.

To have the same swing thoughts from the chip shots to full swing has benefits

and I am trying to use it on all swings. Though I have trouble with getting consistent 

with the chip shots, sometimes hitting it fat or skinny.

I have recommended the system to friends and acquaintances whom have bigger 

swing problems than I do!!!!!

The big tests for the system is.....can it improve my wife’s ability to hit the ball 

decently!!!!!!!!!! She has now retired and hasn't got any further excuses with a 

system like this at "our" disposal!!!!

Thanks Peter.

Dick C

The Key to Golf Program has changed my entire way of playing golf.   I follow the 

levels and refer to them on occasion when I have strayed.  I rate all the levels as 

excellent as they are all important and to skip one could very well lead a student 

down a wrong path. 

Best Regards

Doc W

Peter, your Key to Golf step by step programme is unique in all of golf instruction. 

The building blocks that make up the levels are put together in an uncluttered 

informative way. The pupil finishes with their own library of treasured 

instruction, which allows for revision and conformation.  Yesterday I went back to 

remind myself of the take away-thumbs down section and clearing the right hip in 

the proper sequence and thinking again about the hands being the source of motion. 

I hit some balls and I was back in the grove. I can't speak highly enough of the 

programme and what you have done.

I also look at pro golf on television now with a much more educated eye and this too 

must help my play.

One day I would love to have a one on one session.

10/10 for all the levels and I would certainly be a starter for bunker plays.

The thing about any instruction and getting involved in it is that the person really has 

to want to do it. So many golfers go for a quick fix a tip from a magazine. Or they 

will do it, " later ".

I spread your name about with high recommendation, but finally it is up to the 

individual to get involved. They, like I did have to go to ...and 



Those closer to you of course have the advantage of a one on one, for that 


Bill H

I have the Basic Fundamentals and love it. I watch it just about every morning as I 

work out.  Being I live in Minnesota, I plan on doing the on-line series this winter.  I 

truly appreciate what your teachings have done for my golf game. 

Lou S

I went through the Step-by-Step Program about a year ago, not too long after it was 

introduced. My familiarity with the Croker Golf system goes back to the time of 

Peter's "Natural Golf" video. I quit the game for a number of years, (I was never 

better than an 18 hdcp) but when I decided to give the game another try, I invested 

in the "Step-by-Step" course.

I can say at this point, my experience with Peter's online course has been terrific -- 

but I've found that there have been bad swing habits that I'd developed that could 

only be overcome with a great deal of repetition in study of the lessons. Having the 

lessons in such a well-organized arrangement on my hard-drive has allowed me 

to re-visit from the ground up at least three times, and the review of the instruction 

has revealed to me a few keys that have made the difference.

I'd like to share three things that have finally gotten my game to turn the corner - I've 

been consistently scoring in the in the mid 80's now for six weeks, and I see more 

strokes coming off in the months ahead.

First, I'm now able to see how the 'push' back, after the forward press, in such a 

way as to let the club-head lag, is vital -- and for me was not understood. Done with 

hands relaxed yet with the right hand slightly resisting the left, it promotes 

a 'swinging' takeaway where I sense the club and club-head 'flipping' back to the top, 

actually leading the arms and shoulders to a full shoulder turn. Truthfully, I did not 

believe you could get the club to the top without swinging the arms, but I now see -- 

if grip pressure is light, arms are relaxed, and hips are continuing to move properly, 

that is exactly what happens.

I would say the second key I found was that grip pressure needs to be lighter than I'd 

used before. In addition to permitting the club to swing back, getting rid of the 'death 

hold' I'd fall into under stress, the lighter grip pressure makes for a fluid transition as 

well as a nice tempo back to the ball.

Finally, the fundamental I did not grasp until quite a bit of review -- the crucial idea 

that the shoulders 'rock' in the downswing rather than being unconsciously allowed 

to rotate in the same plane as the hips. This is the swing flaw that for years kept me 

in trouble and kept me from ever making much progress - an early movement 

forward and around with the right shoulder. As Peter explains, the two things that 

happen as a result of early shoulder turn are either a pull hook or a shot blocked 

right. I don't know why I had to repeatedly watch the lessons to pick up that point; I 

guess I'm a slow learner. Now, in my practice swing, I 'preview' the rocking move 

and 'feel' the left shoulder finishing higher. I won't try to go into detail, but suffice it to 

say, as the shoulders rock while the left hip is opening, a lot of good things seem to 

happen at and through impact - things that are helping me to stay in the fairway and 

to hit more greens.

To any 'duffer' who may read this, I say with 100% assurance - give the Step-byStep a go. Be patient with yourself, and trust - with enough review, you will 

eventually find the keys to a very good swing. With this course, you have an 

excellent resource for growth for as long as you play the game.

Lucien R, AIA


I'm sure you've long since forgotten me and with good reason, since I never wrote 

to thank you for the lessons I took in Florida last year with Greg Warwick. It took 

me quite a while to incorporate all you taught me. However, I'm really seeing the 

benefits. My drives are longer and straighter, except when I fail to turn my left 

hand at the bottom of the swing (to close the

face, after the push). Most improved are the iron shots, say from 160 to 190 yards 

which before I was having a fit with. Now I can easily get to a green from that 

distance. I'm actually able to use my 3 wood on par 5's to get up close or beside the 

green in 2!  Lastly, my putting (using that "open grip") has done wonders.

What I still can't do is hit out of the sand.  Perhaps someday I'll come to Australia 

and take a course of sand shots.

I hope all is well with you. Live in the moment!

Kyle V Dean of Engineering ,Yale University

Dear Peter, 

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed meeting you earlier this week (at 

Westchester Country Club).    I was inspired; sufficiently so that I immediately 

downloaded your on-line course as per your recommendation.    I'll be taking the 

tests in due order!!

As one who has taught engineering for over twenty years, I am in awe of your ability 

to break down the swing into all of its fundamental components and to articulate 

them so clearly.  Bravo!   And thanks!

Yours Truly


Greg M (Toronto /Baysville) student of Eva Kovak

Hi Eva.

Thanks for the junior lessons (including our daughter Hayley)!

And thank you for your help and comments about my swing before we went out on 

the course today.

In 5 minutes, the results and progress made me feel like I've never played golf 

before in my life. My whole golf experience has been compensating for an over-thetop swing.

I can't wait to get to the range again, but I tried your advice today on the course. The 

one tip you gave me (J-swing) made me feel like I took casts off my wrists while I 

was playing (for the first time ever). I've always tried to loosen my grip, but when it 

came time to pull the trigger, I squeezed the club and my wrists were locked.

In the past, if I crunched the ball (and it didn't slice), it might go 225.

On #4 (at Muskoka Highlands), my best ever drives have resulted in me getting to 

within 50 yards of the green.

Today, I teed off (from the blues) when the foursome ahead of us were on the green. 

I'd never gotten close before, so I felt safe hitting.

I was overjoyed (and then horrified) when my tee shot went to the middle of the 

green.... and the guys standing there putting gave me a well-deserved glare. They 

were OK after I apologize profusely and sent them some beers.

I also drove the green on #12... and almost went into the greenside bunker on #14.

Anyway, in one day, your advice also changed my club math... I shot a dart into 17 

with an 8 iron (I've used 7s there before and often left it short). My ball flight was 

much higher and longer for every club. I hit my 3 hybrid (off the deck) further than 

most of my driver shots (in the past). Before today, my 48 degree wedge was my 

100 yard club. By the end of the day, I was using my 52 degree for those. Your 

advice even translated into my putting (as you described). I parred the back nine for 

the first time in my life.

Eva.... I can't thank you enough!!!! Hope you have a great Mother's Day tomorrow!

And if anyone else out there has fought an over-the-top swing, slice, etc.... search 

her out. Thanks to Don and everyone at Muskoka Highlands for having her there 

for the kids. Our daughter is hooked on golf and if she keeps going to Eva for the 

summer, she'll be beating my wife and I in no time.



Golf Professionals

Philip Baird

Director of Golf

Manly Golf Club

Peter is known amongst his peers for having an enormous amount of knowledge 

of the golf swing and understanding of communicating. When I first begun teaching 

some 15 years ago I met Peter and plugged into his systems which allowed me to 

immediately help improve my students, learn how to teach and most importantly 

improve my own ball striking.

I recently co-hosted a ‘Croker Golf System’ school at Manly Golf Club and it was 

great to get ‘back at school’ with our group learning all the necessary steps to make 

change and improve ‘the hit’.

’Personally, I love to work with people who are passionate about their work and 

Peter is certainly that, he makes learning about golf enjoyable, his passion for the 

game is infectious!’

Jon Abbott (PGA Tour Pro and Coaching Professional)

The Key to Golf on line program Peter and Chris have designed is very detailed, yet 

simple to use. The program outlines every aspect of the game in a way that is easy 

for people to understand and learn from.

A huge amount of work has gone into the development of this learning aid and will 

help all golfers, from the everyday club golfer to the professional.




Hi  Peter and Chris,

What a wonderful program you have developed here.

Im a 20 handicap golf nut who has bought so many instructional books and DVDs and trolled the Internet constantly that I despaired that I would never find a programme that would enable me to reduce my handicap.

Until I came across your programme that is.

I find it easy to comprehend and the questions and answers at the end of each instructional video ensure that I haven't misinterpreted anything.
Your instruction from all aspects of this wonderful game is outstanding. 

July 12th 2016

Trusted by 10 000 golfers worldwide