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The Game of Golf

When Mark Twain expressed his disdain for golf by saying that it was a “good walk spoiled”, he voiced the sentiment that many golfers feel an hour into their round.

The day can begin so beautifully and end so badly. You arrive for an early morning tee time, the sun is rising in the sky but not yet hot, the dew still rests on the grass and everyone in your foursome is in high spirits. You pay up, get your scorecard, take a deep breath and say to yourself, “Today will be my day.”

A neutral observer, however, would already spot telltale signs of trouble ahead. You haven’t taken any lessons in years, and your lack of confidence in your swing has sent a jolt of nervous adrenaline through your stomach and arms as you walk up to the first tee.

At times like this, you wonder why golf has held such an appeal for centuries. Despite some scattered evidence of Romans using sticks to hit stationary balls and Chinese royalty swinging a golf club, most historians date the modern incarnation of golf to the 15th Century, when James II banned it in 1457 because it distracted too many athletes from learning archery.

No matter how much queasiness you feel while walking to that 1st tee, you must agree that it’s a better feeling than you would probably have doing archery at any level!

And, perhaps that is the core of golf’s appeal—the challenge, the difficulty, the work needed to master it. That’s how it has grown from the Old Course at St. Andrew’s (first played sometime before 1574) to the first rules being codified in 1744, to the first tournament: The Open Championship in 1860 at Prestwick Golf Club in Ayrshire, Scotland.

That’s part of the draw, isn’t it? You are linked in suffering to scores of men and women over the centuries, who probably felt the same sensations you are feeling now as you get ready to tee up.

That’s tough to maintain as you walk to that first tee because you really have zero confidence, even though you are mindlessly bantering with your friends.

You take a couple of practice swings, hope that you don’t hit a worm-burner and take one last deep breath before striking the ball. Your mind goes into overdrive thinking of everything your trusted friends and family members have told you to do just to hit that ball.

You take the club back, never sure how far to rotate and you swing down, never sure if you are the right distance from the ball, and then you get your answers.

You hook the ball, and your drive travels about 150 yards far to the left, into the high grass near the trees. You are looking at a quadruple bogey already, and the morning is young.

You find yourself thinking repeatedly during your 3+ hours on the course: “I just wish I knew how to hit the ball correctly and consistently. I really don’t know how to play but if I had the right advice I am sure I could play well.”

Those thoughts come to you when you hit your wedges over the green, when you find yourself in the woods and rough time and again, when you are never, ever able to two-putt on any of the greens and keep missing those short putts.

Then you adopt a new tactic and start praying that somehow magically your ball will finish in the hole only to be disappointed that tactic also doesn’t work.

On the 17th hole, your frustration comes to a head. You miss a putt for your sole birdie of the day after a nice 7-iron near the cup on one of the par-3s. That would have been the one hole that would have made your day.

“Dammit!!” The putter whirls like a boomerang and nearly hits one of your mates, who is now wondering if golfing with you is actually safe.

Your apologies help later, but the beer doesn’t taste very good in the clubhouse. “A good walk spoiled” indeed.

And then, you have a revelation.

One of your best buddies who did the KeytoGolf program is playing golf better than he ever thought possible.

You are not going to suffer like this anymore. You are not going to attempt to play a difficult sport without the proper instruction.

You don’t want to start on the wrong path that only leads to confusion, so what are your options?

That’s where will definitely help you. We believe that our sport can be much, much more than a “good walk spoiled.” In our step by step program you will gain the skills to handle the approach shots around the green, hit your drives consistently, hit your irons crisply to perfection, escape from the bunker to get close to the hole and how to putt without nerves or the yips.

We have designed a step-by-step program under the umbrella of the Croker Golf System, which has helped thousands of golfers just like you. And, we understand the limitations of your budget, so we’ve priced this dynamic package at an affordable level.

The KeytoGolf Program is only for the golfer who is serious about improving and wants ‘golf made simple’. We are so confident we will change your game; we give a 100% money back guarantee.

You will be hitting the ball with more confidence and recording lower scores, we promise. The best part is that you can watch our online videos whenever you are able—after the kids go to bed, first thing in the morning as you sip your coffee, whenever you can park yourself in front of your screen or phone with your clubs nearby.

With the KeytoGolf online program, you can watch the videos again and again, work with one of our Croker Golf Coaches if you wish, until you’ve mastered each skill you need to improve your game. Ask yourself how much you would be willing to pay to master the skills that let you down the most on the golf course.

Ask yourself this would you like to spend your golfing life in confusion or enjoy the journey playing great shots and KNOWING HOW YOU DID IT! That’s what we offer you when you do our program.

Golf we promise will go from a “good walk spoiled” to, truly, your favorite four hours of every week.

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