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The Golf Grip

The Complete Golf Swing by Peter Croker

This is the first part of a comprehensive instructional series on the complete golf swing, from start to finish. Peter Croker - 2007 Victorian PGA Teaching Professional of the Year – delivers this in-depth series. Peter has been a PGA member since 1971 and has given lessons with his Croker Golf System to professionals including Vijay Singh, Arnold Palmer, Rocco Mediate, Fred Funk, Olin Browne, and Bob Charles. Based at Eagle Ridge Golf Links, he also runs a unique online golf academy:

Part 1: The grip

TAKE the time to learn and understand the grip and it will be one thing that will totally help your game promoting the accuracy and distance of every shot.

Left Hand

  1. Allow the end of the club to protrude to the crease where your hand meets your wrist.
  2. The grip of the club runs diagonally across the left hand from the crease in your palm between your little finger and heel pad of your hand to the second knuckle joint of your index finger.
  3. The fingers, not the palm, wrap around the grip.
  4. The grip wedges under the heel pad of the left hand. The left wrist is vertical and on top of the grip.
  5. Left thumb is positioned on the top right hand side of the grip at 1:30. (1:30 refers to time position on a clock).

6) The V between your thumb and index finger points at your right shoulder.

Right Hand

1) The middle fingers and forefinger wrap around the grip predominantly in the fingers.

2) The little finger of your right hand can either overlap or interlock the left forefinger (depending on

which feels more natural).

3) The hollow of the palm of the right hand along the lifeline, is directly behind your left thumb.

4) The right thumb sits on the top left hand side of the grip at 10:30.

5) The V between your thumb and index finger points at your right shoulder.

Gripping the club

1) Standing straight with your weight resting on your Ieft leg, let your left hand hang down beside your

left hip. Take the grip of the club in your left hand.

2) With your left hand, push & swing the club in front of you and place your right hand on the grip. You

communicate to the club through your hands. An improper grip will result in future failure until the

'mystery' is traced back to an improper grip and corrected.

Left hand exercise

Grip the club in your left hand only and swing it with a vertical chopping motion, up and down in front of you.

When going from cocked to fully uncocked, the left wrist and the heel pad of the left hand must be vertical

and on top of the club.

The club is wedged between the fingers and the heel pad. This would be a very secure and strong, anti-slip,

left hand position.

Work through this exercise with the left hand only and then later with the right hand on the club to see how

the right hand supports this.

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