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How to cure the yips forever

Curing the yips in putting forever article

(pictures and videos available with Gold membership)

The purpose:  

To learn to hit a putt straight where you aim for distance of two feet.

The question to ask is what would it be like to have total certainty that you would be able to aim the clubface and strike the putt so that the ball would go straight where you were aiming and that you would have certainty in aiming the putter face on EVERY putt?

To 99.9% of the golfing world this question has had no answer.  We have always been allowing for the mis-hit and for the ball to travel off of the clubface in a direction other than our target.  The complete simplicity and understanding of control is to be found in learning the following program on hitting a 2-foot putt. 


  1. Are you prepared to do a series of drills and hit putts of 12 inches or less? If yes continue.
  2. Are you prepared to let go of all previous beliefs about what putting “should be”? If yes, continue.
  3. Can you enjoy the hit without placing judgment on the result until after the program is fully completed? If yes, continue.

The following program will be able to be completed successfully and you will enjoy the hit.




 3 balls

 Putting surface

Operating targets:

  1. With a yardstick take your address position (pictured) both hand gripping as pictured. (picture at address)

Putting Drill –Step 0 - Address

  1. Push the left hand straight back against the slight resistance of the right hand, so that the end of the yardstick moves back no further than the inside of your right foot. Note the bend in the left wrist. And that the shoulders have remained stable. This action is to develop the correct hand and arm action with the body as a base.  Repeat this backswing move until you have total certainty that you can move the end of the yardstick so that the bottom end always points at the target line.  Continue this exercise till you can feel how the right hand resistance controls the distance of the putt and how the resistance of the right hand helps control the backswing pace. Note: Feel how smooth and measured your backswing now is.

Putting Drill  - Step 1 - Backswing

  1. Towards the end of the backswing motion and at the beginning of the downswing motion of the yardstick, uncock both hands (thumbs down) as you push the right hand against a slightly resisting left hand.  Continue to push the yardstick so that the end of the yardstick would move through where the ball would be and finish with both arms extended, both wrists fully uncocked (thumbs down). The yardstick finishes fully inline with an extended left arm.  Drill in this motion to a smooth flow until you can consistently end the stroke with the yardstick fully inline with left arm- both wrists fully uncocked- both arms extended- body as a stable base. Repeat this until you feel comfortable and smooth with the complete motion.  Once you can do this with little to no conscience thought you are ready for the next step.

  Putting Drill - Step 4 - Finish

  1. Next take the putter and begin each putting motion with a tap, tap, tap of the putter head. This will build clubhead awareness and rhythm for your putt. Practice the stroke, as with the yardstick making the practice swings smooth and always finish the stroke completely- both wrists fully uncocked- both arms extended- body stable- putter head low. Note the clubface angle at the end of the putter stroke as pictured.  This full release promotes putter head staying low with no recoil and the clubshaft remaining in line with the left arm.

Address – # 4 

 End of Backswing - #5 

 Putting Finish - #6



  1. With a shortened backstroke hit putts of approximately 12 inches, maintaining the full finish as described in step 4.
  2. Move to 18 inches from the hole and repeat as in step 5.
  3. Move to 2 feet and repeat as in step 5

Production targets.

1.To build a solid finish to your putting stroke and know it.

2.To create a smooth rhythmic putting motion.

3.To develop a consistent acceleration in hitting the putt.

4.To build touch for distance control.

Once you’ve learned to hit a 2-foot putt solidly where you have aimed, you now can learn to control both direction and distance on longer putts. For confidence in directional control, pick a spot within 2 feet of the ball to aim the putter face at, and you will always have confidence that you can start the ball on the directional line you choose. For distance control you need to hit putts on a gradual increase in length working out from the hole. Practice rolling the ball to drop in the middle of the hole. (Dead strength putting) 


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